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We've worked with local Panama tour operators for over thirty years. With Panama tourism entering what a boom period, we decided to pick the 'cream of the crop', and offer to you a selection of the more popular Panama destinations/ activities/ itineraries

We picked only the most reliable, prepared operators (with excellent bilingual AND guiding skills) to be your hosts in Panama.

Finally, by working closely together with the operators, we are able to offer you attractive package prices on any of these tours.

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Panama Canal Tours & Crossings
Either a full or half day transit of the Panama Canal... It's the trip of a lifetime.

Jungle-walk, Panama City, and Other Day Tours
See monkeys, rainforest jungle, the route that Balboa took, French and Spanish colonial sites, and much more. Easy tours that pickup and return you to The Executive Hotel.

Fish for Peacock bass & Snook in the waters of the Panama Canal

Scuba dive the Atlantic... AND the Pacific

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